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uptitude volverup e portatelovunque upcycling brand

Upcycling is the process of converting waste material into new products of better quality and design, for more environmental value. The sad truth is that being sustainable and environmentally friendly is not enough. We believe that a upcycled object should be better looking and as functional as any other everyday object.

Baizz shot from the top

We achieved that, prototyping the sunglasses in our little dusty and cozy snow workshop in Zillertal, where we were host by the Aesmo crew. (if you are into snowboards or any kind of boards you cannot miss that). Our first prototype was a great goal regarding sustainability! …but you probably would not wear anything like this would you ?

Old Uptitude Prototype

Our Very first Optical prototype

Old Uptitude Prototype

The second Shape added to Uptitude’ s collection

Too many memories ;(

That’s why it was so crucial for us to Improve comfort and durability in our sunglasses. We want sustainability to come along with great craftsmanship and design. After a few hundredsprototypes we were able to manufacture sunglasses made out of snowboard which would look pretty much like these.  

Uptitude in Nature

Some of you were brave enough to buy these pieces (If you ship them back to us now, we will change it with a brand new frame btw).

Thanks to these amazing folks we were able to step our game up recycling some old snowboards and improve even more the quality of our uptitude sunglasses.This time they were stronger and way better refined.
Our first collection was sold out in less than one week and we were finally able to provide to our customer upcycled sunglasses made out of snowboard assembled with the best components on the market along with uniqueness and sustainability. (Zeiss lenses, Mazzucchelli acetate). 

Last week-end we went to Linz and took part to the Wear Fair. The tradeshow put together more than hundred exhibitors mainly from Europe whose goal is to increase environmental awareness and fair production processes.

This time we were not alone, but in good company. We brought with us two brands that, just like us, think about upcycling as an opportunity to wear unique objects containing a story.

Volverup are our friends from Rovereto ( Italy ). They re-use materials from local industries recycling them into hand-made functional bags, wallet and many other kind of accessories. Upcycling old wallpaper and canvas, they create unique pieces recycling waste. As you can imagine the combinations of colors are infinite and every pieces is a one-of-a-kind.

PortatelOvunque makes bag and accessories re-using discarded neoprene combined with many different materials. You may find a bag coming from an old swimsuit or a pochette done re-using an old couch. Every piece is unique, handmade and not replicable. This brand cares about social corporate responsibility, in fact the final stitching is done by women with disabilities, thanks to “La Kruna” Design studio.

We create a wide field of brands of ethical clothing from different starting points, which means that you can look good and still dress ethically for a fair price.

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